Southern Europe against Touristification :Lisboa, Portugal and other southern europe cities


A Rede SET – Cidades do Sul da Europa perante a Turistificação – e o Morar em Lisboa no site da União Internacional de Inquilinos

“In the face of the major touristification process that is taking place in diverse southern European cities and regions, oppositional movements are organising their resistance in Venezia, València, Pamplona/Iruña, Sevilla, Palma, Malta, Madrid, Málaga, Napoli, Lisboa, Ibiza/Pitiüses, Girona, Firenze, Donostia/San Sebastian, Camp de Tarragona, Barcelona and Bergamo.

During the last year and a half, members of different organisations in these territories have been meeting with the aim of sharing and exchanging experiences and knowledge.
Although each of these cities must deal with its own problems, some of them are common to all:RED SET Manifesto Inglès





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